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Wanna travel to space? Yes now a new balloon taking you there


Yes, soon you may travel to space in specially prepared space balloon! A Chinese entrepreneur plans to set up a commercial space project to fly travellers in a manned capsule above the earth surface where they can see the curve of the planet and experience weightlessness. Jiang Fang, president of a Beijing-based company “Space Vision,” plans to build a manned ... Read More »

Wanna travel to Space Station? these two companies will take Americans to Space Station

The astronaut Randy Bresnik preparing to enter the Boeing CST-100 spacecraft at a company facility in Houston.

Boeing and the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation are the winners in the competition to carry American astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA announced on Tuesday. The awards reflect a fundamental shift in NASA’s human spaceflight program, relying on private companies rather than the traditional hands-on approach, in which the space agency designed and operated the spacecraft. The first flights ... Read More »