About the Book

News and articles about the possibility of alien visits or attacks are everywhere. This has become too common that people start to shrug it off, thinking this is just one of those science fiction topics that media loves to sensationalize. Vikas Gupta, author of Aliens and Us Are We Prepared Yet?, presents a refreshing perspective by asserting that extraterrestrial existence and other related issues have traversed the line set between science fiction and reality. To prove his point, he provides an in-depth discussion with his all-encompassing literary masterpiece.

Unlike most alien books, Vikas Gupta writes Aliens and Us Are We Prepared Yet? using a psychological approach and balancing it with the science of extraterrestrial life. Aiming to prepare humanity with the cope of a possible shock upon an impending alien encounter, he plunges deep into the world of extraterrestrials and discusses different aspects – the nature of aliens, their behavior and link to human existence.

He encourages readers to think beyond our own spectrum and welcome the possibility of foreign creatures sojourning the earth through an in-depth report on evolution and its theories explaining the likelihood that humans have an extraterrestrial ancestry.

He offers puzzling questions about human existence like, “Why we humans are so much different from all other millions of life-forms sharing the planet with us?”, “Why are we the only predominant species on this planet?”, and “Why not even a single one in these millions of life-forms even slightly close to us?”, and provides logical answers and clarifications.

These and more controversial issues are all found between the covers of this intriguing book, providing you all the answers you’ve been looking for! Join author Gupta and prepare for an exhilarating extraterrestrial experience with Aliens and Us Are We Prepared Yet?.

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ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-9986-9
ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-9987-6